About us

The beginnings – 1950

Our journey into the business of jewellery begins from the town of Lakhtar in Gujarat.

1990 onwards

Second generation jeweller, Hitesh B. Soni takes the business forward with a wholesale unit in Ahmedabad.
In a span of 30 years, he established the company as a leader in the wholesale gold jewellery market, winning the trust of renowned clients across India.

Three generations of jewellers

Harshit Soni, son of Hitesh Soni entered the jewellery business in the year 2015 armed with an MBA & a HRD Antwerp certified diamond grader. His expertise helps in understanding the quality of diamonds. LW Jewels offers the best diamonds to its customers.


The craftsmanship

From the beginnings and through the journey through wholesale and now in retail a common thread remains. A commitment to craftsmanship, creating the finest of jewellery that one is proud to own and pass on the next generation.

Mr. Bhupendra Soni, who founded Lakhtarwala in 1950 with son Hitesh Soni and grandson Harshit Soni at the LW office in Ahmedabad

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